PJ Alford Life Skills Academy is looking for Life Skills Course Creators / Teachers 

Think back to the first time you stepped out into the world on your own. How was it for you? Did you have it all figured out in fifteen minutes or were there a few bumps in the road?

Are there things you know now that you wish you would have known back then?

Think You Can Teach A Course On Them?

If so PJ Alford Life Skills Academy is looking for you!

We need teachers /course creators of all skill levels to create courses for Teens Tweens Young Adults and Adults on everything from how to get your first job to how to file your own taxes.  Think of it as Adulting 101!

We are looking for Real People with Real World Experience! We are not just looking for certified teachers we are looking for people who have been around the block a few times. We are looking for wise counsel, grandmas and grandpas.  We're looking for Farmers and Plumbers Lawyers and Doctors, Real Estate investors  too. We want people who will give tips tricks and insider details from all industries and all walks of life.

Tell Me More

PJ Alford Life Skills Academy is an education company founded in January 2019. It's products focus on Personal Development and Lifelong Learning. 

"We create the world we live in and if we want a better world we must start by CHANGING what we don't like about it." ... Sharron Gannon

"I  didn't  like that there is no formal life skills education in the United States. The most important things we need to know to survive and  aren't  taught anywhere. We have to rely on our parents relatives and friends to teach us everything and then we have to trust that they know what they're talking about. There is so much that we need to know and it is impossible for one person to know everything, so what happens when you run into things that your family didn't teach you and what about the people who didn't grow up in families who thought about things like this? They're thrown out into the world with no clue how it works. They're left alone in the dark without a flashlight


 I created this school to change that.  PJ Alford Life Skills Academy is a central location for life skills education online. A place to go and  learn all of the practical things you need to know to survive. Things like how to buy a new home for the first time Step by Step, and how to Negotiate Like A Boss.  How to get the best deals on groceries, and how to grow your own food. Real Directions and lessons taught by people who have been there done that and got the     T-Shirt!


PJ Alford Life Skills Academy is the NEW Online Life Skills Resource Center Teaching Everything They Don't Teach In School!


We will be formally opening our virtual doors on November 1, 2019.  We Need YOU to create those courses to make this possible!

Have no idea what creating an online course is all about? 

Think You Got What It takes?

If you are interested in teaching a life skills course for 

PJ Alford Life Skills Academy email your resume and cover letter with a brief description of the course(s) you are interested in teaching to 


Please include in your cover letter what you think qualifies you to teach a course on your subject matter of choice. Remember we are looking for teachers of all skill levels so please do not let a formal degree or lack of formal education keep you from applying. Some of the best advice I've ever received has been from passionate self taught individuals. Your unique voice matters. 

Applications will be reviewed approved  or denied within five business days. Upon approval you will be directed back to this page to choose the option below that best fits your needs. It's simple if you know how to create an online course and are ready to get started choose Option 1, if you've never created a course before and you think you might need some training choose option 2,  or if you want step by step instructions to learn to create your course with human help choose option 3. Once your option is chosen you can begin creating your course. Options are described in greater detail below.

Courses must be submitted by October 10, 2019 to ensure availability for our grand opening November 1, 2019.

See Frequently Asked Question  For More Information

Course Guidelines

All Courses must include 

At least 5 lectures no more than 20 with graphics, photos and charts etc

Maximum 15 Video Lectures (optional). Videos must be accompanied by written transcript or written lecture

Homework assignments for at least half of your lectures

Minimum 1 Project

*We  ask that you do not use a course creation platform such as Udemy Thinkific or Teachable when creating your life skills course. We are unable to add courses created using these platforms at this time. If you choose to use one of these platforms you will be asked to copy the entire course into our platform upon approval. 

Lesson 1 Planning your online course

This lesson will help you figure out what you're teaching and who you're teaching it to

Lesson 2 The 8 Step Writing Process

This lesson will walk you through the process of writing your lectures and scripting for your videos. This will also be helpful if you want to do more with your course later on for instance if you want to write a book to go along with your course this step teaches you how.  

Lesson 3 How To outline your course for best results

There is an outline method that sells better than other methods and this lesson will show you what it looks like

Lesson 4 Videos for your course

This lesson will go over some of the best online tools for creating video for your course

Lesson 5 Free Online tools for creating your course

This lesson will break down great online tools that will be helpful while creating your course.

What Can I Teach

Anything you need to know to survive in the world on your own. Examples include but are not limited to 

Cooking For Teens,  How To Clean Your Home, Budgeting For Success, 

How to Buy a car for the first time, How to rent an apartment,  How to Purchase your first home, 

How to file your taxes,  How to Buy Groceries,  How to grow your own food

How to shop for clothes, Professional Sex Education for teens,  How to manage a home,

Getting your first Job, Starting a Business, Maintaining your vehicle, Parenting for new parents, 

How to use public transportation, Internet Security, How to live on your own as a teen mom, How to safely travel alone.

Your course can be entertaining and fun or it can be very serious and informative whichever works best for your teaching style. 

When Can I Submit My Course?

To ensure your course is available for PJ Alford Life Skills Academy's  grand opening 

November 1 2019 it must be received and approved by October 10 2019. Courses received after the deadline will be reviewed approved and added to the school as they are received. 

Courses received before the deadline will be reviewed approved added to the school and available for purchase upon approval. This means you can start making money now even before the school has officially opened. 


I Will Be Paid...Right?

As a course creator you are able to price your own course.  PJ Alford Life Skills Academy courses will be marketed to parents, schools, shelters, rehabilitation centers, and individuals. Because of this we recommend pricing courses between $19.99 and $99. 

You will be paid 75% of your course profit bi-weekly via Pay-pal or Stripe. We also offer monthly incentives and bonuses including Creator of the Month and Best Selling Course of the Month.

How Will My Course Be Sold

Courses will receive one free feature per year. Features include feature blog post, instructor video interview and social media blast. 

You are encouraged to promote and sell your courses outside of PJ Alford Life Skills Academy. You may use social media marketing, third party affiliate marketing, and promotional ads at your own expense. 

I don't know how to do all of that... Can you help me?

We can. We offer 2 course promotion packages ( These are Optional Add-ons and are not required!)

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